Release Notes

August 2022

Status Page UI/UX

What’s New?

  • Great news! New incident statuses have been added to allow you to better communicate the stages of your incident response with your community
  • Improved ADA Compliance
  • Styled HTML bars can now be placed above header widgets

What’s Fixed?

  • Status Page widget colors to displayed improperly
  • Third party cloud incidents weren’t appearing on the calendar
  • Scheduled maintenances were not showing estimated duration correctly
  • Google translate was not being applied to Uptime summary widget
  • Header and footer widgets were not rendering all HTML content properly

Admin UI/UX

What’s New?

  • Admin User pages now display user login email
  • Incident templates are now sorted alphabetically
  • Notification report timezone now appear in UTC

What’s Fixed?

  • The area behind the check boxes in the Subscribers list was unresponsive
  • Using the admin site switcher resulted in a browser error
  • Managing and moving components was difficult and often would deselect as you moved items around
  • IP Restriction forms from saving allowed for empty entries
  • Incident Preview pane showed incorrect incident time when created an incident
  • Changing Incident type to ‘Will Happen’ prevented the Incident type from being changed again
  • Drafted Incidents did not allow admins to add custom field values
  • User Login information in Admin Page showing in UTC only

Incident Management

What’s Fixed?

  • Cloud component updates on incidents that were already resolved caused them to reopen
  • Duplicated status updates were created when editing an incident


What’s New?

  • 4 New Cloud Provider Integrations have been added to our Beacons list:
  • New Internal Status Page Beacon was added. Internal status page beacons allow you to integrate components that - exist on your internal status page easily with one another

What’s Fixed?

  • Conditional IF statements in Beacon Rulesets and the generation of webhooks in Application Service Beacons were not working correctly after first instance
  • Setting up Google Calendar Integration caused an error when clicking the Install button
  • MS Teams integration linked to wrong page when using SSO
  • Some SAML 2.0 providers created invalid redirect URLs when including query string parameters


What's Fixed?

  • We now allow for date and time macros to have time format specified directly in them
  • Time field inconsistencies found on the Localization Page
  • Date Macros were not showing up correctly in Incident Templates or their previews
  • Fixed several bugs where macros do not display properly to subscribers and users
  • Macros were missing when components minimum role was changed
  • Using ‘Forgot Password’ function on deactivated subscriptions caused macros to show up blank


What’s fixed?

  • Maintenance notifications sent out incorrect templates
  • Admin URL was appearing in new subscriber activation emails
  • When a notification was sent using an earlier timestamp, a previous notification was sent out in its place