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Welcome to StatusCast's API reference guide! You can use this API to interact with our endpoints to automate, extend and integrate StatusCast with other services. If you have any questions or experience any issues utilizing this API please reach out to StatusCast's support team at [email protected].

The Basics

This API is organized around REST and all requests should be made over SSL. Your status page has a unique StatusCast URL, throughout this guide where examples state '' it should be noted that sample needs to be replaced with your unique domain name.

API Responses

The StatusCast API returns standard HTTP success or error status codes. For errors, we will include extra information about what went wrong encoded in the response as JSON. In some cases successes will return additional information, such as an Incident ID after it's creation, please refer to individual endpoints for any specific response information. Typical HTTP status codes we may return include:

200OKThe request was successful.
400Bad requestA bad request was submitted.
401UnauthorizedAn unauthenticated request for a resources that requires an authorization token
403ForbiddenAuthorization token lacks the proper priveleges to access the resources
404Not foundThe requested resource does not exist.
405Not AllowedThe request for the specific resource is not allowed
500ErrorAn occurred with the request