Add Subscriptions

Add Subscribers

On the Subscribe page, click Invite. The following screen will allow you to add subscribers individually, in bulk or import them. To add a single user fill out the Individual form including the notification options and submit.


Subscriber Options

For a group of email subscribers, you can simply add email addresses separated by commas and submit. You can add a webhook option to these also. Phone numbers for SMS options will need to be added individually to the subscriber's profile.


Bulk Option

You can use a .csv to import a group of subscribers. Use the "click here" link to download the format template.


Import Option

EmailEmail Address used for notifications
Phone NumberPhone number used for SMS notifications
ComponentsService Components to receive notifications about
GroupsGroups of components the subscriber receives notifications for
Webhook URLWebhook URL to post incidents to for this subscriber
TagsAdd tags to label subscribers

Notification Options

Notify OptionsDescription
EmailEmail offers options for notifications for each type of incident
PhoneReceive SMS notifications
WebhookPost notifications to the designated webhook
Receive Monthly SummaryEmails monthly incident summary
Is ActivatedCurrently enlisted in receiving notifications
Is SMS ActiveSMS enrollment is active

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