User Management

Manage Users

Add a user to Statuscast by selecting Settings> Users.


Settings Users

You will see existing users in the system on the following page. You can manage these users here.

To add new users, click Add User in the upper right. Select from the options and submit. If you have multiple pages, a role can be defined per page.

Statuscast allows several levels of access for users of the system. You can add individual or multiple users from this screen.


User options


Email Address

input user email address

Full Name

add first and last name here

is company administrator

has full administrative access to the entire account and all status pages

pages and roles

per page add the appropriate role

No access

Cannot access this page's management or administrative settings


Can add incidents and manage subscribers, cannot access the Settings menu, add user or make changes to settings or templates


Full Access. Can add incidents and manage subscribers, canaccess the Settings menu, add users, or make changes to all settings, templates...