Microsoft teams integration

StatusCast setup

  1. Navigate to your StatusCast admin portal.
  2. Click on Settings then Integrations.
  3. Click Install on the Microsoft Teams integration card.

MS Teams Integration Card

  1. Open the Teams Integration and click Install

Teams Integration

  1. You will be prompted to log into your Microsoft Account. Note that a Teams administrator will need to grant access to StatusCast's integration.
  2. After granting permission to StatusCast you will be routed back to the integration setup in your account with the following options:
Incident Notification TeamSelect the team that you want StatusCast to communicate with
Incident Notification ChannelSelect the specific channel within your team that notifications should be sent to.
Enable incidents to be managed from Microsoft TeamsAllow end-users in teams to submit updates and closures through Teams directly.
  1. Click Install and finish.

Now when you create an incident in StausCast the Microsoft Teams option will be available as a notification channel, check that anytime you want the notification to be delivered to the channel that you selected


Once published your notification should appear in your teams channel