Office 365 2022 Migration

Due to a recent update with Office 365's API accounts using this integration need to modify their installation in order to continue to receive status updates. To perform this update you will need to access both your Azure Active Directory app as well as StatusCast, we recommend opening tab to each before hand.

What to do in Microsoft Office 365

  1. Access Azure Active Directory home and navigate to the App Registrations section and select your StatusCast Service Health app
  2. Click into API Permissions and add the following permissions:



Office 365 Management APIs
ServiceHealth.Read (Application)

  1. Ensure that the TYPE for each permission is set as noted above. With the application permissions set you will need to grant consent for these APIs, click the ... to the right of each permission showing a not granted status and select Grant consent

  2. Now click Grant admin consent for StatusCast at the top of this screen, on the next screen confirm admin consent.

  3. Navigate to the Azure Active Directory home page and locate your Primary domain listed under your Basic information. Your primary domain should have as part of it. Copy that full value and navigate back to StatusCast's admin portal.

  4. In your StatusCast admin portal navigate to the Settings > Integrations section and click Configure on your Office 365 integration card. Replace the value in Office 365 Tenant URL with your primary domain copied from the step before.

  5. Click Save and StatusCast will validate your updated integration. If the save is successful StatusCast will start syncing to your Office 365 tenant once more. If an error with the setup you will be notified in StatusCast. If an error occurs contact StatusCast support for assistance.