Deliveries Report

The Deliveries Report provides insights into individual results of the notifications within your page. This report includes a visual graph detailing the number of deliveries by notification type within a designated frame of time set by the date filter and a table which displays more information about the delivery.

Delivery Reports View

Deliveries Graph
Displays a channel breakdown for the individual Notification Job.

This view can only be accessed from the Notifications Report.


Delivery Reports Chart

Deliveries View

Deliveries Chart

Displays the number of sent deliveries by channel type within the selected date range.


Deliveries Chart

Deliveries Table
Displays individual delivery jobs and the results.


Delivery Table

Table Parameters

Incident IDID associated with the Incident
DateDate notification was executed
TypeNotification channel used
RecipientRecipient that notification was sent to
ResultEnd result of notification

Exportable CSV

Table data are exportable into a .CSV with the following information:

  • Incident ID
  • Date
  • Channel Type
  • Recipient
  • Result