Current Status

Familiarize yourself with the current status widget settings.

Current Status

Provide a quick summary to your visitors of the health of your status page. High priority events will supersede and display above all other incidents.



The current status widget, by default, will showcase the status of all your components as a whole. You can change this filter by selecting a single component from the Component filter dropdown. This widget will also report the status of any cloud components integrated within your page if you choose to do so.


Filtering and Design

For filtering and design features, you will need to switch over to the layout tab. Here, you can define the level of visibility. Each widget will allow you to filter data depending on the role of the visitor or subscribers. The roles that are available with filtering include: Everyone, Subscriber, Employee, Manager, Administrator, and Company Administrator.


The layout tab will also allow you to edit the color of a couple things such as text, and background. This will save some time from the traditional search of elements and override with CSS.