Incident Updates

Manage, Update or Resolve an Incident

Once your incident has been posted to StatusCast, you can update to inform users of additional information or to close the incident. To do so navigate to the Dashboard section of the administrative portal, you should see a section of Open Incidents which should list your recently posted incident. Click on the incident in question to update it.

Select your update type; Informational or Resolved, set the date/time for the update, and then enter the update message. When posting updates you have the option to Send Notifications which by default is checked. Posting a Resolved update type will close out an incident, and the impacted services will revert back to their Normal status.

*Note that if your initial incident was posted as the Informational type, it will not appear under open incidents as that post type is not considered to have a duration. You can still add Informational updates to these posts but you will have to located them under the Recent Posts section of the administrative dashboard.


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