Subscription Management

Manage Subscribers

Subscribers can be managed in the Subscriber section of the app.

Each service component listed in the left column can be selected to view the subscribers associated with the component.



ArrowExport Subscribers
InviteInvite Subscribers, open new window. See Add Subscribers
ActionsDelete, re-invite, activate, deactivate, or unsubscribe selected subscribers in bulk
Search SubscribersSearch by name, email, or phone
Sort bySort by Email, Phone, Use Email, Use SMS, or Is Activated
AscendingSort by Ascending or Descending
ItemsShow 5, 10, 25, 50 or 100 items per page
<>Scroll through pages
GroupsShows users in specific groups when group is selected in the drop-down menu
Active OnlyYes- show only active subscribers
No- show active and disables subscribers
With Logins OnlyYes- shows only subscribers with login access to the status page
No- All subscribers shown
Show AllShow all, Email, SMS, or Webhook subscribers
CheckboxSelect the subscriber for Actions
PhotoAdd image for subscriber
Email AddressSubscriber email
Phone NumberNumber for SMS notifications
EmailCheck indicates subscribed to email notifications
SMSCheck indicates subscribed to SMS notifications
Last LoginDate time of last login to the page
TagsUse tags to sort Subscribers as needed

Manage Individual Subscribers

Clicking on an individual subscriber in the list will bring up their preferences. You can deactivate, email or remove the subscriber, as well as update the notification preferences, contact details, subscribed components, groups timezone and tags.


Individual Subscriber Options