Internal Status Page Beacon configuarion

Internal status page beacons offers a way to integrate one page's components statuses into another page you maintain. After Initial set-up, whenever the specified component is affected, it's status and incident will be reflected across both status pages.

Setting up your beacon

To get started, go to Settings > Settings > Beacons and click on the CREATE BEACON button. Then a setup walkthrough will show to help you set the beacon type, provider and other settings. Instead of selecting generic webhook, or an integrated third-party, you will select Internal Status Page.


Select the Status Page you would like to select components from.


Select the components you would like to be linked to the page.


Complete the beacon by selecting from the following options:

  • Send Incident notification to subscribers? - Notifications will be sent to all subscribers of the component when the status is affected
  • Count Incidents toward service downtime? - Counts the incident towards service downtime
  • Auto-publish Incident - Automatically recreates and publishes the incident that affects the component.