Incident Manager User Guide

A quick guide to articles to help navigate StatusCast as a user

DashboardYour landing page upon login is the Dashboard
Component StatusWhen creating an incident, you will be asked to choose the component status. Your team may not use all status types, so be sure to uncover which types to use and why from your team lead
Incident CreationYour guide to Incident Creation explains posting incidents and changing component status. You can affect specific components or select specific audience Groups. If using Groups the component selection will automatically select groups based upon the components affected
Incident Updates Update or resolve ongoing incidents or you can edit an existing incident
Maintenance CreationCreating Maintenance events offers additional options including maintenance reminder notifications and an auto-close function
Sending NotificationsWhen creating or updating an incident, you can choose whether or not to send notifications to subscribers
Using Groups in IncidentsYour team may use audience groups in incidents to segregate notifications and/or who can see specific events on the status page
Incident WorkspaceThe Incident Workspace has all the information about your incident. Click the link to the incident from the Incident search page in the blue menu to see this workspace.
Incident Post TypesSome customers choose to use incident post types to denote the stage of the incident response. You may find this option turned on in your account and use it to help define the state of the response process
Root CauseYour team may choose to post root cause for subscribers to see
Custom FieldsCustom Fields can be added to StatusCast for use in incident posts
Incident TemplatesYour team may have incident templates created for your use. These templates include pre-written language to help make incident creation easy. Access them from the drop-down menu in the incident title field
MacrosMacros are available to use in the incident text and may also be found in your incident templates. They are an easy way to fill in text for known values in the incident such as start time or component names.
Add SubscribersYou may be asked to add subscribers to the system
Manage SubscribersYou may need to manage subscriber details or look up information about subscribers
Contact SupportReach out to our 24x7 support team with questions or issues at [email protected]