Maintenance Creation

Creating a scheduled maintenance

Maintenance events have a few additional options included compared to Incidents and Informational posts. To create a maintenance event select Will Happen from the Happened When? drop down. Maintenance posts have additional properties listed on the right of the main form:

Estimated Duration(minutes)Allows you to define how long this maintenance event should last. This by itself does not cause the incident to resolve itself after this time elapses(see Auto close after Estimated Duration). This value can be referenced directly in macros later on
Recurring maintenance intervalIf this maintenance is repeatable tell StatusCast how often it should reoccur. StatusCast will automatically generate the next 60 days worth of recurring maintenances.
Auto close after Estimated DurationEnable if you want this maintenance to resolve itself once the estimated duration has elapsed. Maintenances that are told to auto-close will require the closing message to be entered ahead of time(see section below for explanation)

Maintenance reminders

As maintenance events are scheduled ahead of time StatusCast gives you some additional options when publishing to control when notifications will go out:


You can choose to send a regular notification immediately, but you can also schedule "reminder" notifications that will re-send the original message at the interval you choose. If you do not want a reminder to be sent then enter 0 as the integer value.

Auto-closing maintenance events

If you selected the Auto close after Estimated Duration option then your form will include a section for the Closing Message and any Closing Notification


Enter the text in Closing Message that you want StatusCast to use when the maintenance resolves itself. If you want the automated closure to also send notifications select the channels here that you want StatusCast to use.