Incident Templates

Use Templates to create an Incident

After selecting a template, the message type and text will be automatically pre-filled with the content that was written from within your template.

Templates are also useful in the case where you want to update an existing ongoing incident. You have two options when posting an update. You can choose from either "Informational" or "Resolved".

Open Incidents
Click on the Incident and use the + Post Update button to quickly update the incident. You will be given a choice on whether to start from scratch or select from "Apply incident template". This dropdown menu will allow you to choose from your own selection of customized templates. The selection you make will fill in the text editor with your tailored message.

Update post for open incidents
Notice the "Send notifications" option above the save button. If checked, this will send out notifications of your update to all subscribers.


If there is a mistake in your post, don't panic. After posting an update, you have the ability to either edit or delete the post. Once those changes are made, you can resend notifications to inform subscribers on the revision.