Service Status

Familiarize yourself with the component list widget settings

Service Status Widget

The Service Status widget by default displays the current status of each service in an expandable list.


Current Service Status

Widget Options

The Component filter will allow you to get more selective on what service to display. This tool allows you to break down services into categories and display the information accordingly to your subscribers.


Status Settings

Widget Filters and Layout

Here, you can define the level of visibility. Each widget will allow you to filter data depending on the role of the visitor or subscribers. The roles that are available with filtering include: Everyone, Subscriber, Employee, Manager, Administrator, and Company Administrator.



The layout tab will also allow you to edit the color of options like title, text, and background. This a quick way to add color options, or, leave these blank if you plan to override them with CSS.

Historical View

A feature function is the option to show the history of the services listed turning the widget from
a list to a service history over an X amount of days.


Add Uptime History


Service History