Acting On Issue Reports

Once an Issue Report has been submitted you can view it from the Reported Issues section of the admin portal.


You can Search active issue reports to find something specific or select Issue Report by clicking the checkbox to its left to take action.

If you choose to Delete Reported Problems the issue report will be removed from your account. If an issue report is valid and you want to proceed with creating an incident Create Incident


After confirming your action StatusCast will create a new Drafted incident containing all of the feedback you have selected. The date/time of the drafted incident will be based on the earliest Issue Report you had selected. Each piece of Issue Reported that you selected will be included in the draft as its own post.


Edit the Incident and posts to your liking and when ready click Publish to make the incident live on your status page. You can also just Update your draft to save any changes you make without making it available on the status page.