In this area, you can setup and edit settings to match your local area.

StatusCast allows you to adjust things like the Time Zone, Date and Time formats to align with how they show in your local area. Also you can edit the text of the terminology that shows on your status page to best fit your circumstances.

This can be set by logging in to the Administrative Dashboard with your administrator user and then going to Settings > Settings > Localization.


This settings area is divided up in several sections where you can adjust the following:

Date / Time Settings

Time ZoneSet the default time zone for the status page and the account
General Date/Time FormatCustomize the date and time format for incidents to be displayed in
Incident Update Date/Time FormatCustomize the date and time format for incident updates to be displayed in
Append Time zone Abbreviation?When date/times are displayed using General date/time format, append the time zone abbreviation. Please note the settings for the abbreviation need to be added to the Date/Time Format for it to show.
Adjust time to browser locale?When date/times are displayed in a browser, adjust to the user's local time zone. When enabled, Moment.js formatting is used.
General Moment Date/Time FormatWhen date/times are displayed in a browser and adjusted to browser locale use the following format
Incident Update Moment Date/Time FormatWhen date/time is adjusted to browser locale and submitting an Incident update use the following format
"Day" textThe text to be displayed to represent a Day
"Hour" textThe text to be displayed to represent an Hour
"Minute" textThe text to be displayed to represent a Minute

Status Text

Text showing the status of a service


Incidents and Services

Text showing in the incidents



The text to be displayed for Login Disclaimer


Two Factor Authentication

Text showing in the Two Factor Authentication screen


Uptime Page Text

Text showing on the Uptime page


Please note, once done making the changes to the localization settings, click on Save to apply the adjustments.

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