Quick Start Guide

Everyone needs a starting point to help center their journey. Here's a quick guide to help you begin.

Quick Start Implementation Outline

TaskDescriptionQuestions to Ask/Answer
Add Administrative usersAdd administrative users to your pageWho will be an Admin user? Will there be Incident Managers who cannot access the Settings and Integrations menus?
Generate list of componentsGenerate list of components Generate a list of all the components needed on your status page and their hierarchyWhat components will be included on the page. Will there be Parent/child relationships? Will they be organized by region, function or other dependencies?
Implement components, establish structure/relationshipsImplement components based on your list
Beacon Configuration and ImplementationEstablish Beacons for incident creation, resolution, and 3rd party sourced componentsWhat 3rd party providers will you be posting information about on the page? What services of theirs do you depend upon? Do you use 3rd party monitors? Under What conditions would you create an incident or information posting as a result of information this service can provide?
Status Page Access Review (Private Page)Review of access to the status page resource, the rss feed, and administrative portalWho should have access to the page? What should they see? Are their varying views per user role or per audience group?
Integration SetupConfigure integrations based upon documentation provided by StatusCast.What integrations do you wish to establish? Will SSO be used? For what roles? Will you be adding notifications to other channels? Sending notifications through your own mail server or Twillio account? Are you using posting Office 365 data to the page?
Custom Domain Setup (cname) (if needed)Make DNS entries, notify StatusCast for Redirect:Will you be using a custom cname?
Gather and implement status page design requirementsGather requirements for status page design (desired widgets, css changes, content, etc…)How would you like to organize the data on your status page? Which widgets will you use? How will you design the branding? Will your marketing team require input?
Gather and implement notification design requirementsGather requirements for design of email notifications (content layout, branding, content, etc…)How will you design the branding of the emails? Will your marketing team require input?
Generate and implement incident templatesCreate incident templates to make creating incidents quick and easyWhat should the default text for the average incident or maintenance event be?
Review incident creation workflow processReview the overall incident creation process including how it relates to componentsEvaluate for ease of use for Incident Managers
Import subscribersAdd subscribers to status page with appropriate component subscription.Who should be subscribed?
Go Live!Make an announcement and start sending traffic to your page.

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