Change your logo, Header color, and Header settings with the Header widget.
Click the gear icon to see the options.


Account Status


Account Status

Set the default text for account status to show in the header. Set the text by status type: Normal, Performance, Incident, Maintenance, or leave it blank to not show anything specific to Status in the header.


  • Click the default logo to open a dialog box to upload a new logo
  • Set the image width to suit your page
  • You can check the box to remove the logo entirely



Header settings

Allow Subscriptions

Allow visitors to subscribe to the page.
Change the button text (right)

Allow Incident Subscriptions

Allow visitors to subscribe to individual incidents. Change the button text (right)

Allow Login

For public pages with subscription level or above component views, allow subscribers to log in to see their view or edit their subscription.

Show uptime history button

This button goes to an uptime history page

Show full width

Extend the page to full page width

Show Google Translate

Offer a page translation option via Google Translate

Uptime History Page

Add the uptime history option to give your page viewers access to the uptime history report via a header link


Uptime button

The report offers the ability to pull data by component, group and date range


Uptime History Report

Google Translate

Activate Google translate to give your clients access to your page in any language


Translate Button


Language Options

View the page in the translated language throughout the browser session


Translated Page

Page translation is instantaneous and remains in place for the visitor during their


Header layout options


Minimum Role

Set the view header permissions by role: Everyone, Subscriber, Employee, Manager, Admin, Company Admin

Background Color

Set the header background color

Text Color

Set the header text color

Show title

Select to show the title and edit the title (right)