Uptime SLA Report

The Uptime SLA Report provides Uptime metrics for any given service component in a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly frame of time in order to offer insight into the reliability and performance of the service components on your page. The service component's performance over each frame of time are based on your filters and designated uptime thresholds set on your page.


A Filter can be applied to the tables and graphs to provide views that focus on an individual service component or group at a time.



Most Recent DowntimeDisplays the most recent Incident that counted towards downtime for any of your service Components.

Uptime View

Uptime Chart
Displays the a graphical presentation of the total Uptime based on the Warning and Critical SLA thresholds.


Uptime Chart

Uptime Table
Displays each of the Service Components and the Uptime within fixed time frames.


Service Component Uptime Table

Group Uptime View

Group Uptime Table

Displays each of the groups and the Uptime within fixed time frames.


Group Uptime Table

Table Parameters

NameService Component/Group Name
DayCalculated Uptime for 1 day
WeekCalculated Uptime for 1 Week
MonthCalculated Uptime for 1 Month
YearCalculated Uptime for 1 Year

Exportable CSV

Table data are exportable into a .CSV with the following information:

  • Service Component ID
  • Service Component Name
  • 1-Day Uptime
  • 1-Week Uptime
  • 1-Month Uptime
  • 1-Year Uptime