Private Pages

Private status pages require authentication to access. Whether using user ID and password or SSO, these pages are not accessible to the public.

Private status pages are the go-to for large enterprises looking for an internal source-of-truth regarding critical services. Dedicated internal status pages aim to minimize productivity loss. Reducing frustration among employees, or specific clients, when services they rely on go down helps to eliminate a flood of support tickets.

Private pages allow you to communicate issues without sharing the information publicly. By limited the audience, you offer transparency without publicity.

Private pages also allow the use of audience groups. Page views and notifications can be managed by groups, allowing different page views and communications to vary by audience. This allows you to post things for employees, or specific clients, without sharing that information with others who either may not be affected by the information, or, perhaps, should not have access to the information.

What’s Next

Need to share limited information publicly while giving more information to certain audiences?