Administrator Notifications

StatusCast allows you to setup notifications to let account administrators know when a system event has occurred.

These notifications are useful to alert administrators when an event has been created, updated or resolved. Also you can get a notification when a subscriber has been added or removed, among others.

To enable administrator notifications, please log in to your Admin Dashboard and then go to Settings > Settings > General in the left panel, under the General Setting section check the 'Enable System Notifications?' option and then click Save:


All the notifications are set to be sent via email and SMS messaging by default. They can be managed by each individual administrative user by going to each user's profile by either clicking the headshot and then on 'My Profile', or by going to Settings > Users and clicking on the user.

Under the Notifications section you can choose which notifications to receive and how to receive them:


To modify each notification just click on the field to the right of the notification and check the desired option, or you can remove an option by clicking on the X:


Note: please remember to click on Update at top to apply the modifications.

Here is a list of the different notification options available:

System Exceptionnotifies when there is a system error is thrown
System Admin Messagenotifies when there is a message for administrators
System User Messagenotifies when there is a message for subscribers
System Incident Creatednotifies when an incident is created
System Incident Updatednotifies when an incident is updated
System Incident Resolvednotifies when an incident is resolved
System Incident Assignednotifies when an incident is assigned to a user
System Incident Task Creatednotifies when a task is created
System Incident Task Updatednotifies when a task is updated
System Incident Task Assignednotifies when a task is assigned to a user
System Incident Task Completednotifies when a task is completed
System Change Component Statusnotifies when the status to a component has changed
System Beacon Creatednotifies when a beacon is created
System Beacon Updatednotifies when a beacon is updated
System Beacon Assignednotifies when a beacon is assigned to a user
System Beacon Escalatednotifies when a beacon is escalated to a team
System Beacon Stage Changenotifies when a stage of a beacon has changed