Traffic Report

The Traffic report provides metrics on page view to your StatusCast Page. The purpose of this report is to give you an insight into the amount of traffic your page receives within a frame of time based on a selected date range.


Page ViewsDisplays the number of page views
Page Views ChangeDisplays the percentage of traffic change. This is produced by calculating the difference between the start and end of the date ranges selected.
Total Page ViewsDisplays the number of page views since the page creation

Traffic View

Traffic Chart

Displays the traffic to your Status Page.


Traffic Chart

Traffic Table
Displays the page views by in a daily, weekly, or monthly view based on the set date range.


Traffic Table

Table Parameters

CountNumber of visitors
TotalCumulitive number of visitors
ChangePercentage change of traffic from last period

Exportable CSV

Table data are exportable into a .CSV with the following information:

  • Date period
  • Number of page views
  • Total number of accumulated page views
  • Percentage change from previous period