Subscriber Guide

How to create and manage your subscription on the status page

A StatusCast status page subscriber may be invited by a specific status page, or, they may self-subscribe to notifications from a specific page. Some pages may only offer by invitation subscriptions.


If you would like to subscribe to get notifications from a StatusCast status page, all you have to do is click the Subscribe link in the upper right hand corner of the status page. Depending upon the status page settings, you may not see all of the options shown in the image below.


Subscribe Button

Subscriber Options

Next, the following modal will pop up. The options shown may vary based upon the specific status page settings. Some pages may let you select from the available components to subscribe to, and offer multiple channel options.


Subscriber Options

Subscriber Options

Email AddressEnter the email where the notification will be sent to you when there is an event
Phone NumberEnter the phone number where the SMS notifications will be sent to you when there is an event
Subscribe toChoose the services you want to be notified about an event
WebhookEnter the webhook URL to be notified when there is an event
Create a Subscriber Account?Mark this option to create a subscriber profile on this status page
RSS FeedThis is the RSS feed URL for the status page

Once you fill out the desired information, click on Subscribe to submit the subscription and you are all set!.

Subscription Changes

Note: if you would like to modify any of the subscription options you just filled out, just click on the subscribe link again to make the necessary changes.

If your account is not log-in based, you may wish to check your email for an registration email from [email protected]. This will contain a Manage Subscription link you can follow to edit your settings.


All email notifications will contain an unsubscribe option at the bottom if you wish to discontinue your subscription at any time, you may.