Services Report

The Services Report provides you with information on maintenance, degraded performance and unavailable state times per service component to help you identify problematic services.


Total Time in Affected StateDisplays the total time service component(s) are in affected states
Number of Status ChangesDisplays the number of times a state change has occurred, either by an incident or manual change, of service component(s)
Mean Time to ResolutionDisplays the average time to restore service component(s)

Duration View

Duration Chart

Displays a visual representation of the time the services component(s) have been affected states. Highlighting the bar gives you the duration of that state specific state.


Duration Chart

Duration Table

Displays the time spent in each state for all components.


Duration Table

Frequency View

Frequency Chart
Displays a visual representation of the number of status changes. Highlighting the line gives you the number of times the state has been entered.


Frequency Chart

Frequency Table

Displays the number of times a state was reached for all components.


Frequency Table

Table Parameters

UnavailableThe service component offline and inaccessible
DegradedThe service component is online, but performance is reduced.
MaintenanceThe service component is undergoing maintenance
IdentifiedThe service component has been identified on the server
InvestigatingThe service component is actively being researched
MonitoringService component is being monitored for any changes in status
InformationalAn informational state used to inform an audience

Exportable CSV

Table data are exportable into a .CSV with the following information:

  • ID
  • Service Component Name
  • Duration in Unavailable
  • Duration in Degraded
  • Duration in Maintenance
  • Duration in Identified
  • Duration in Investigating
  • Duration in Monitoring
  • Duration in Informational