Root Cause Analysis

Incidents that affect your environment all have a root cause, that upon proper identification and step-by-step analysis
can be eliminate these factors through process improvement. StatusCast allows for the creation of root causes, to assist with Root Cause Analysis (RCA). These root causes can be linked to both open and resolved incidents.

Creating Root Causes

Navigate to settings > settings > Incident Root Cause
Click Add new Cause to create a new root cause.


Give your root cause a name and description that describes the factor of the core issue. Once a root cause has been added. It can be used for any number of incidents to track RCA.


Adding a root cause to an Incident

Navigate to incidents and select the incident you would like to provide a root cause for.
Click Add Root Cause


Select a root cause from the drop down and add a description.


If another root cause needs to be added. Follow the step's above to add another.