Slack integration

Integrate StatusCast with your Slack account to broadcast and/or manage events

When you integrate StatusCast into your Slack account you are able to see notifications of incidents directly in the channels of your choosing. Another option in the integration allows you to manage your incidents directly from Slack itself. This can be setup by doing the following:

Slack Settings

  1. Add the Statuscast app to your Slack Channel.

This is done by clicking on the channel title and then clicking on Integrations on the screen that shows up.


Then click on Add an App and click on Add to the right of StatusCast.


Statuscast Settings

  1. Setup the Slack integration on the StatusCast dashboard.

Log in to the dashboard and please go to Settings > Integrations and clicking Install on the Slack card.


Click on Install and you'll be taken to a page where StatusCast is going to ask permission to access Slack. There you will select the initial channel where incident will be posted.


Then you will be taken to the Slack integration configuration screen. You will need to select your slack channel here, but first, you will need to add Statuscast to your Slack channel.


Slack Settings

Go to your selected channel in Slack
Click the dropdown menu in the top menu next to the channel name
Click on the Integration tab
Click Add Apps
Search for and add StatusCast to the channel


Add Statuscast to the Slack Channel

Once complete, go back to the slack integration options in Statuscast. You will have the option to setup the following:



Incident Notification Channel

Set the channel where all incidents will be posted in Slack.

Enable Slack Incident Management

Enable the capability to manage incidents directly in Slack.

Statuscast Settings for Incident Management

If you choose to enable Slack Incident Management, you would then need to choose the channel where incidents are sent for initial management.


Note: Please remember to click on the Save button to apply the settings.

Now you are able to send incident notifications to Slack if you need to.


With the Slack Incident Management option enabled, you will be able to do the following from within the Slack management channel:




Update the active incident.


Resolve the active incident.

Create Incident Channel

Create a new Slack channel to post the active incident.


Alternative Slack integration Setup

Send notifications to Slack channels of your choice when an incident is posted in StatusCast by doing the following:

Slack Webhook setup

  1. Navigate to your Slack Settings.
  2. Select Configure Apps.
  3. Click on Custom Integrations.
  4. Search Incoming Webhooks.
  5. Click on Add to Slack.
  6. Choose your preferred channel where notifications will appear.
  7. Copy your Webhook URL because you will need it for the StatusCast setup.

StatusCast setup

  1. Navigate to the admin portal.
  2. Click on Settings, and then Integrations.
  3. Select Install under the Slack integration card.
  4. Enter the Webhook URL provided in the Slack setup.