Incident Creation

Post a New Incident or Status

To create a new incident, from anywhere within on the admin portal click on New Incident in the upper right corner.


You can create draft incidents for publishing later, or publish your incident now.

Here are some important options to note when creating a new incident

Event Happened When Allows you to define when this status change is actually occurring; whether its a past, current, or even future event. Remember to use the has already happened option to keep your event duration accurate. For instance if you are not able to post a service outage to StatusCast until 30 minutes after it occurred then it would be best to post it as already occurring.

Templates Using templates can help you quickly and easily create a new incident. You can define the default text and components in templates, making incident creation quick and easy.

Affected Components By default Select all will be populated, but you can easily remove that by clicking the X and add the specific components by selecting the drop down area.

Subject Should be a sort description of your post. If you have elected to integrate your Twitter account with the StatusCast application then your Notice Subject will be tweeted as well. If you have set up templates for your application then you can also select the blue drop down box on the right to apply any predefined template.

This incident will cause downtime Selecting this option the post will count against your overall downtime %. The overall duration of your incident(once closed) will be added against your current uptime %.

Incident is closed allows you to simultaneously create and close an incident. This is perfect for back-filling your application, and avoids and unnecessary extra steps.


Incident Options

TemplateOffers a list of incident templates created by your team. Gives a quick easy way to create new incidents and prefill fields within the incident. Find Templates in Settings> Incident Templates
TitleThe name given to the incident
External IDIf you have a specific ID for your incidents, you can post it here
TypeChoose from Informational, Incident, or Maintenance
Minimum RoleThe roles who can see the incident can be defined here, anyone with a lower role than the one selected will not see or be notified of the incident
Count Towards Downtimedirectly effects downtime %
Post ImmediatelyIf a Maintenance Incident is selected, this will be an option. You may posts the Incident immediately. Unchecked, the post timing will only be defined by the days and hours outlined in the Remind options in Recurring Maintenance scheduling
Happened WhenIncidents can be created for past events. You can define date and time here
Estimated DurationFor Maintenance incidents, you can add estimated duration
Recurring Maintenance Interval Everyset recurring Maintenance intervals
Remind (hours) before start
Remind (days) before start
Set Maintenance reminders hours or days prior to the event
Affected ComponentsSelect the Components affected
Affected GroupsPre-defined user groups can be selected here. To create groups go to Settings> Groups
MessageUsing the message editor, you can set a message to be sent regarding the incident. Macros can be used here to reference specifics
Update TypeType of update
Component StatusThe current status of the affected components
Auto Close messageUpdated message for when incident is closed
Save DraftSave Draft for later publication
PublishPublish the incident now