Datadog Metrics Integration

Integrate your StatusCast account with Datadog's monitoring information

Datadog Settings

Sync your StatusCast account with Datadog to show metrics to your users on your status page.

To get started you will need to log into your Datadog account and get an API Key and Application Key. StatusCast utilizes your API Key and Application Key to retrieve basic data related to your monitors. You can find these keys by navigating to Organization Settings under Access. Then copy your API Key ID and generate the Application Key by clicking +New Key button.


Statuscast Settings

With the API Key ID and Application Key, sign into your StatusCast admin portal (https://[yourapp] and navigate to the Integrations section (Settings > Integrations). Locate the Datadog card and select Install.


Paste the API key into the Datadog API Key field and click Save to finalize the integration setup.

Add Datadog to Statuscast Metrics

Then add Datadog to your list of Metric Providers. This is done by going to Settings > Settings > Metrics and clicking on NEW METRICS.


Then select Datadog from the Type dropdown and fill in the other fields and click CREATE.


Add a Datadog Metrics Widget to Your Page

Now StatusCast is receiving metric information, to add it to your status page navigate to the Page Design section by clicking the blue badge on your status page.


From the Edit Page widget on the right, drag the Metrics widget and drop it into your Page Layout.


Configure the Metrics Widget

Next select the edit icon then search and select Datadog from the 'Metric to display' dropdown under the General tab. Then fill out the Time range field and click Apply.


To apply the changes to the metric configuration, click 'Save Changes' in the Edit Page widget and click Exit Editing to exit to your StatusCast status page to see your Datadog metric in action!