Public Pages

Public pages are the most common. We offer the ability to allow anyone with Internet access to view your page and to see the current status of the services you list on your page.

Public status pages serve as the front-end of your incident management solution, delivering essential information about incidents and real-time status updates to your customers. Ensure you are not wasting their valuable time by prioritizing transparency during downtime. Enhance the user experience and build lasting trust with effective incident communication.

Streamline Incident Communications

Downtime can have a significant impact on your organization due to lost employee productivity. Use StatusCast as a centralized source of truth for real-time updates on system outages. This ensures end users remain informed and can adapt their work plans accordingly, minimizing confusion and disruptions.

Create User Friendly Status Updates

Use our dashboard to create your custom status page adapted to match your organization's branding and requirements. Streamline the communication process during service outages. Allow your IT team optimally to resolve incidents, without compromising your branding and customization creating a good user experience.

Real-Time Status Monitoring

Allow your employees to stay productive and focused on incident resolution by providing real-time status pages updates. Insure that end users can access critical information about the status of relevant systems without emailing or calling your IT team. By providing timely updates, the status page allows for seamless communication between IT and end users. This efficient flow of information not only keeps end users in the loop but also helps reduce the negative impact of downtime on your organization.

Building Trust Through Transparency

Prioritize end user transparency to protect your organizational reputation during incidents. Demonstrate your commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction via a public status page.

What’s Next

Need to keep the Status Page from prying eyes? Maybe not just anyone should have access? Check out the Private Page option.